Boring - why are we always seeking thrilling cures?

Boring - why are we always seeking thrilling cures?

Boring! What is it about doing boring things that gets our goat? Why are we always looking for exciting new things to do?

A new way to stop aging, a new way to sleep better, a new thing to eat? Superfoods anyone?

There is an innate human nature to seek and find. When we find something exciting, it sends dopamine flooding into our body.

The system was designed to improve the way your body functions and the way you live. It was built for a time when scarcity ruled and innovation was the only way to survive or thrive.

It is not my argument that we should not want to improve. Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile only in the last century. Many others have followed.

But it is only one thing to push yourself to do more; another is to keep looking for magic pills to get there.

But wait, you say! Isn't Djokovic taping his body and using cupping and custom-building his meal plans? Secrets he does not even tell anyone?

Sure, of course he is. But he is looking for edges around peak performance. He, like others like him, is already at their personal best. They are looking for an edge to stay ahead.

There is a difference of just three minutes that separates the fastest marathon performance from tenth place. Over a two-hour run. That is the edge that people are looking to achieve.

With all due respect, for most of us, these are not goals.

Superfoods or anything even remotely similar help when you have your basics in place. You are eating well, sleeping well, and exercising regularly, for example.

I spoke recently at a prominent VC fund. One of the comments after my talk was, "Is it really that simple to be healthy?"

The funny thing is that it really is. We overcomplicate it with our desires to find the next shiny cure.

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