Blood Type Diet - Science or Fiction?

Blood Type Diet - Science or Fiction?

One of the bad pennies that keep showing up in my conversation is a customized diet, based on your blood type, genetics, or food allergies.

I have heard of people who are made to smell all kinds of food and then based on how their body responds (apparently), one can tell whether you are going to response positively or negatively to the food.

I have had people argue with me about how they actually went on a blood type diet and then had all their symptoms magically disappear.

So, allow me to give you my reasoning of why I think most of these are untrue.

Let us start with blood type, for example. Imagine that you wanted to know if someone with an AB+ was allergic to tomatoes.

For anyone to know definitively that a food, causes a specific reaction in your body, you would have to consume only tomatoes for weeks and months.

An expert could then gauge the response of the body to the food. Of course, you might have died from malnutrition by then, but you could say that it would have been for a good cause.

To find someone who had AB+ willing to live only on tomatoes for weeks on end, I dare to say, would be nigh impossible.

You see, if tomatoes were to be consumed in conjunction with other things, it would be kind of hard to figure out which food type had an effect or which combination of foods had an effect.

Food does not work in isolation in your body. In fact, if you were to consume only tomatoes, your gut would respond, depending on where you started and even two people having only tomatoes might see different reactions.

Which is why, one of the best kept secrets in the world of research is cohort size and duration.

The study on running impacting your knee negatively was done on one person for a few weeks.

So don't waste your money on unnecessary tests that tell you a long list of things you can't eat. Instead focus on fixing your health so you can eat everything.

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