Beliefs - how often should you change yours?

Beliefs - how often should you change yours?

Opinions and beliefs. How often should you change your mind?

If there is one quality that determines the outcomes in your life, it could easily be your ability to change your mind. A lot. I know this may sound strange, but it will make sense once I explain.

Human beings have what is known as a confirmation bias.

Our brain makes decisions in split seconds, often without our knowledge. Daniel Kanheman called this System brain thinking. 

Once we have decided, and I really do mean decided, we seek conformation biases for what we think we "know."

Our minds will go to extraordinary lengths and even cook up stories to confirm our bias. 

So the ability to change your mind is a counterintuitive skill. But an important one. 

I hear this a lot in my everyday experiences. "But you said that yesterday or last year."

Human beings value consistency. Especially about your beliefs. 

But the world is too complex for you to have consistent beliefs. You and I both know that. We need intellectual flexibility. But there is a catch.

You could easily come across as someone who lacks conviction or has a firm view on anything if you keep changing your mind. 

We detest the perception that we are intellectually flexible. People might even label you as lacking a spine.

Watch this video of Jeff Bezos, where he explains that the ability to change your mind can easily be one of the best skills you possess. 

He and I do not mean to switch opinions on the fly. Instead, we are talking about a thoughtful but open process where you are willing to reexamine your views and beliefs.

You are willing to change your mind if the evidence presents itself. You are willing to overcome your natural bias to seek confirmation for what you already know. 

Trust me, it is a superpower. A power you can cultivate. 

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