Allopathy - Origins and Prevention

Allopathy - Origins and Prevention

Strangely, the founder of homoeopathy coined the term allopathy.

Samuel Hahnemann, widely credited as the father of homeopathy, was trying to differentiate between homoeopathy and other forms of medicine when doing so.

He therefore coined the term allopathy. Allopathy is derived from the Greek words allos and pathos, which mean opposite and suffering. Or the opposite of suffering. 

Allopathy is the process of using the opposite of the cause of your suffering to heal you. Therefore, if your fever is high, administer a pyretic to lower it. Or provide a laxative to alleviate your constipation, and so on. 

Over time, allopathy came to be known as mainstream medicine or western medicine because it became the dominant form of medicine, propogated by the west. 

One of the tenets of allopathy is to cure. Of course, to cure someone, the person needed to be sick in the first place. So unless you had a fever, there was no point in giving you something to reduce it. 

It came to be that, unless you were chronically sick, allopathy was not your go-to choice. This was largely driven by a shortage of good facilities and doctors. There was simply not enough room to tend to those who were not extremely sick. 

It was not always like that.

There is a form of allopathy, much to my surprise, that works to prevent disease and illness. This form of medicine is administered by the American College of Preventive Medicine. 

The College of Preventive Medicine teaches how to stop using tobacco, the use of nutrition to prevent diseases, and so on. 

So prevention and modern or western medicine are not opposed to each other. Of course, in society, though, we fight over these things. A famous yogi accused allopathy of being fradulent and was hauled to court, where he had to apologise. 

Allopathic practitioners, in turn, called him fradulent for claiming he could cure people. I suppose these quarrels are not new.

In reality, there is a need for both prevention and cure. 

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