2 hours till meal time

2 hours till meal time

Meals, meals, and more meals. The need to eat is one of the enduring beliefs surrounding health and nutrition.

Eat every two hours. Eat when you feel hungry. If you feel low on energy, eat. Eat before a workout. Eat after a workout.

Eat, or your sugar level will drop. Eat if your sugar level has fallen. 

It is almost like we are cows grazing, and if we stop, we will immediately roll over and die.

Now, before I say anything further, I am not advocating that you stop eating. You must eat. Consume as much food as your body needs each day. Fulfilling your nutritional and calorie needs is essential. 

However, if your sugar has dropped below normal, it is not due to a lack of food. The problem lies in consuming excessive amounts of the wrong type of food.

The worst possible thing you can do is keep perpetuating the cycle. 

The question you need to ask is, "Why did my blood sugar really fall?" Or "Why am I feeling low on energy?" 

The world is eager to provide food as a solution to every problem. That is how the world economy functions. But your body does not work that way. 

Think of it this way. You are constantly hungry and craving food, and your weight is higher than it needs to be. Likely, your cholesterol is high, your blood sugar is high, and your blood pressure may be high.

How can your body have excess weight and excess sugar, which is nothing but energy, and yet be craving food all the time?

Does it sound logical that a person with excess energy, also known as weight, should be asked to eat every two hours?

It is so easy to believe that food is the answer. After all, when you haven't eaten for a few hours, you feel faint, weak, and more, don't you?

But if food was the answer, then shouldn't food be a cure instead of a stop gap arrangement only to make you feel the same way tomorrow?

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PS: if your sugar levels have already fallen, you need to eat. It is essential or you can die. Please do not misinterpret my article and stop eating if your sugar levels have already fallen below normal. All I am suggesting is that you ask why it fell in the first place.