Natural, Naturally

Natural, Naturally

If you have been reading my work for a while, you will notice a consistent theme. Using naturally occurring solutions.

So why am I so biassed towards natural? What do I mean by "natural"?

In my vocabulary, natural is everything that you can do to get healthy that is found in nature.

To illustrate with some examples, you can get vitamin D by spending time in the sun. You can get protein by eating foods rich in protein, such as eggs, chickpeas, or Greek yoghurt.

You can improve memory by improving sleep. You can control your hormones by managing your stress and anxiety. You can regulate stress and anxiety by regulating your breath.

If you notice, there is a naturally occurring solution for the everyday problems we face.

Of course, there are a plethora of potential short cuts, from supplements to superfoods.

Thrown into this ring is snake oil, which promises the moon but delivers very little. Oh, but it is so alluring, isn't it?

So why do the short cuts exist?

The one factor that drives all of these short cuts, at the risk of oversimplifying, is the perception that we do not have time.

We need a solution right now. We need it to work instantly. In any case, who has the two hours a day to walk in the sun that will build muscle, ensure a healthy heart, and help you get Vitamin D?

So instead, you have the six-minute magical walking cure. If you live a busy life, which most of us do, six minutes with eighty percent of the benefits seems so much more alluring than a hundred and twenty.

But perhaps we have our approach to life all wrong?

Instead of spending hours on pointless meetings, needless review meetings, where we split hairs, or worse, scrolling the internet, perhaps we should consider reorienting our lives.

Good health is built through slow patient effort. It is best done by doing things that are natural to your body.

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