Mitochondria - Divine Intervention?

Mitochondria - Divine Intervention?

Mitochodria are organelles found inside your cells. Often referred to as the powerhouse that drives your existence, they came to live inside you through a strange twist of fate.

So much so that you might wonder if Mitochodria were the hand of God.

A long time ago, when life was just starting, in order for life to flourish, you needed to create a container. This container took almost 3 billion years and took the form of cell membranes.

Cell membranes are thin layers of fat that keep everything inside—a container of sorts.

But this was a simple cell, self-regulated but unable to do much. About 1.5 billion years ago, mitochondria appeared and invaded cells.

Once there, they made host but also started a symbiotic relationship.

This symbiotic relationship increased the available energy inside the cell by up to 100,000 times. It was this stroke of luck that led to you and me being born.

It was this stroke of luck that gave you the cognitive capacity to read and me the ability to write.

A cell, by itself, uses thermal energy. It was heat from its existence that created motion. The motion would allow the proteins within to circulate and bond with other proteins.

But the energy was not enough. Certainly not to result in giraffes, zebras, and human beings. For that to happen, we need to be able to take in energy from the outside, synthesize it, and convert it within.

Mitochondria played this magical role.

The symbiotic relationship between mitochondria and cells allowed us to go from simple cells to complex cells. It allowed for the specialization and differentiation of cells.

Mitochondria provided the energy required.

I know many people are skeptics about the divine. I am, too.

But when you think about events such as these, which occurred due to randomness, it is hard to believe that we did not have some helping hand.

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