Mental Models for Food

Mental Models for Food

Food. Quick, tell me, what did you think of when you read the word food? Whatever you think about is what is called a mental model of the term food. 

All of us have mental models of things. When we use a term to describe something. These terms could be used to describe emotions, feelings, objects, and so on. But each term comes with a mental model.

So depending on where you live, perhaps you thought about rice, bread, or a favourite Biryani, like the one made in the city of Hyderabad, where I am speaking tonight. 

But mental models also drive decisions and choices. 

So the choices you made would revolve around the mental model you formed when you thought about food.

Sure, once in a while you will "experiment" or try a new cuisine. But human beings are creatures of habit. We like to do the things we do. 

Imagine for a second that your mental model is not correct. It is not balanced, healthy, or a bad choice. It is not as uncommon as you think.

In fact, the entire food industry works extremely hard to change your mental model. They want it to be what is in their interest, not yours. 

Why do you think "food advertising" is one of the largest categories in the world? They are constantly exposing you to "their idea" of what should be your mental model, changing or shifting how you think.

So, what is your mental model?

If it is not something you have thought about, perhaps you should. It is this mental model that drives your decisions.

Beware what you put into your head. It will become what you put into your mouth. 

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