Kitchen - Bring it back

Kitchen - Bring it back

The kitchen has always been one of the most important things in your home.

Think back 2,000 years. The hearth or fireplace where the family or even tribe cooked and sat, was the centre of the family or community. 

I remember spending hours in the kitchen as a child. There really wasn't much to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house. 

Slowly, the kitchen retreated into the background. The role of women evolved. It was no longer obligatory for the woman to cook. 

Those who could afford it found help. Over time, the kitchen gradually faded into the background.

Have we made a mistake? 

One of the questions I get asked a lot is about revamping the food business. Let's find a better way to deliver food. High-quality food. 

Creating high-quality food at home requires a lot of work. But there cannot be a better place to start than spending time in the kitchen. 

When you do, you will notice all kinds of things. The quality of your vegetables. The quality of your spices. Are you adding a significant amount of fat or butter to your meals?

How much preparation do you do before cooking your food? Is the vegetable stock used or thrown away? 

I can go on and on. I know you don't have the time. More pressing matters need your attention. 

But the truth is that the quality of the food you buy and the manner in which you make it are killing you. Slowly sure. However, it is directly affecting your quality of life.

So if you want high-quality food, focus on your kitchen. Focus on what comes in and why. Focus on the ingredients that go into the things you buy. 

Buy yourself a home with a larger kitchen, and take the family into the kitchen with you. The kitchen will shape your best memories and the best possible life.

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