Joy in everything

Joy in everything

The famous philosopher Alan Watts said, "Enjoy every little thing you do." What did he mean, and how does it apply to our everyday lives? 

Regardless of who you are and what you do, you will encounter situations where you need to do things you may not like. 

In some cases, your work itself may be considered trivial. Putting a stamp on an envelope to send a letter, for example,. 

So how can you find joy in everything you do? More importantly, why should you find joy?

The easiest answer is because you can. 

Human beings focus on their miseries. They focus on what they experience and how their experiences trouble them. 

It is easy to say, God, why am I stuck in this lousy job pasting stamps on envelopes?

But your misery is not going to make it better. If anything, enjoying what you are doing will.

There are so many others, dead and gone, who might consider getting another shot at licking stamps a good thing.

There are so many others who have only one hand, making it hard or impossible to hold an envelope and a stamp.

There are so many others who would long for that job to stick envelopes because it would help feed and school their kids.

So enjoy what you are doing, no matter how trivial, irrelevant, or mediocre it may seem. 

I feel blessed to be able to write, to be able to write every day, and to have at least two people read. It could so easily have become a chore.

It is not my intent to say that you should spend your entire life sticking stamps on envelopes. But trust me when I say this, the odds of you doing something else greatly increase when you take joy in what you do. 

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