IGF and your child

IGF and your child

Have you ever wondered why your parents and teachers keep telling you to eat your greens, vegetables, and proteins? It is not just to keep you from getting sick; it is also to help you grow tall and strong. To understand this, let us talk about a special chemical produced in your body called Insulin-Like Growth Factor, or IGF for short. We will discuss how it helps you grow tall and become strong.

What is IGF?

First off, let's talk about what IGF is. Think of it like a superhero in your body. There are two main types of this superhero: IGF-1 and IGF-2. They both have special missions to make sure you're growing just the way you should. But there is a catch. In order for your body to make IGF, it needs fuel. Where do you think it gets its fuel from? Correct from the food that you eat.

When IGF Doesn't Get Enough Fuel

Sometimes, if you're not eating the right kinds of food or if you're not eating enough, IGF can't do its job properly. It's like Superman without his superpowers. So what is the best way to release IGF in your body?

Protein: Foods like chicken, fish, and lentils, especially garbanzo beans, paneer, and yoghurt, are packed with protein, which helps IGF do its job.

Vitamins and Minerals: Foods like fruits and vegetables have important stuff like zinc and iron, which help IGF work even better. All fruits and vegetables are good for you and the more the variety the better it is.

Healthy Fats: Foods like ghee, fish, nuts, and avocados have good fats that help IGF stay strong and effective.

The best way to make sure IGF is doing its superhero job is to eat a balanced diet. That means a mix of proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. If you're not getting enough of these, your doctor might give you some extra vitamins or minerals to help out.