Hospitals - Rethinking Healthcare

Hospitals - Rethinking Healthcare

If you were to say a prayer for your loved ones, avoiding the hospital at all costs could easily be one of the prayers.

But is it possible to completely reimagine our hospitals so that you might actually want to go to one?

Before you think I am crazy, allow me to explain. In my opinion, we are actually moving in that direction.

A large part of the reason we hate hospitals is because we go to them in an emergency. Someone in the family is critically ill and needs immediate attention. There is no time to waste.

In fact, at that moment, perhaps your prayer might even turn to "God, please get us to the hospital right away."

But what if we were to reimagine the hospital completely?

What if a hospital (or if you wish to call it something else, that is fine too) was a place where you went, say, once a year?

There was no emergency. You did not have a problem. You started in your twenties or even earlier.

At the hospital, they undertook a thorough examination. Sure, they did the vitals—blood tests, blood pressure, and so on.

But they also tested your capacity to sprint and squat. They looked at your sleep pattern. They looked at the way you breathe.

They ran tests for cognition. They asked you to meditate and looked at how long it took you before you got fidgety. And on and on.

Since there was no crisis, there was no beep-beep of the heart monitor and no nurses waking you up in the middle of the night to replace your IV.

Instead, they encouraged you to build great habits.

In the morning, they, depending on your current capacity, helped you build physical capacity.

They nourished you with wonderful-tasting food that was balanced just for you.

You learned to rest, relax, play and swim, while they worked to heal your body and build it for the future. Build it so that you might never need a real hospital again.

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