God - An intellectual argument for her existence

God - An intellectual argument for her existence

God or the belief in her existence is an intensely personal choice. Those who are deeply religious cannot fathom a lack of belief. Richard Dawkins argues persuasively that she cannot possibly exist. So can one then make an intellectual argument for why she might exist?

It is now well accepted that our thoughts and beliefs affect us at the cellular level. The world around us and how we interpret it shapes our thoughts. Our thoughts, in turn, are made up of the language that we use.

Here is where belief comes into play. Belief, hope, and the view that tomorrow will be fine drive our view of our world. We have to believe to persist against the odds of life itself.

So I need to peg my belief on something, whatever form or shape she might take. Pardon my saying so, but it is unlikely I would base my belief entirely on another human being.

No matter how wonderful or qualified, human beings come and go, so continuity would really be a challenge.

So we have set ourselves up for the creation of an entity that is not a human and exists for aeons. If she were also powerful enough to give me that hope or belief, wouldn't that just be wonderful?

My ability to believe in such a being would drive my language, which in turn would drive my thoughts and emotions. My body would respond to all of this positively or negatively, depending on what I say.

So, in some sense, regardless of whether she exists or not, it is in our great interest to believe she does. She helps us live a better life.

With respect to the question or whether she actually does exist, I am clearly not qualified to answer. Yet, at some level, one can make the argument that everything we perceive is a construct of our mind.

So then why cant she be one more construct of the mind? 

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