Fat - what is so wrong with it?

Fat - what is so wrong with it?

Over the past ten years, I have spoken extensively about excess fat being a medical issue, not an optical one. 

Fat, what's so bad about it after all? 

Think of it this way. Your house has two children, as well as the two of you. You share all resources. Money for education, food, entertainment, learning, and growth. Rooms, bathrooms and so on.

Suddenly, an additional twenty-five children make your home their own. You must now share all the resources among yourselves.

The same thing happens when you accumulate excess fat. 

There was a time when our ancestors were short on food. Their starving bodies would store excess to make it to the next month or year. No longer. 

Today, the excess fat in our body prevents blood, nutrition, and oxygen from reaching the cells of our body. 

So if your liver and your skin have a layer of fat in between, the fat will share the resources.

It will prevent oxygen, blood and nutrition from reaching the cells of your liver. Since you are unlikely to run out of food, the excess fat is unnecessary.

You carry the unwanted presence of extra children in your home.

Here is the funny thing. The minute we see people around us lose weight, our response is primal.

We worry that the person has become too thin or even frail. After all, they do not look their cherubic self. 

But fat does not play any role in strength. Of any kind. In fact, excess fat reduces something called your weight to power ratio.

The power you can bring to bear, given your weight. The higher the fat weight, the lower your ratio. 

So counter intuitive as it may seem, a lower weight increases your strength, especially when married with an increase in muscle mass. 

As I have said many times, this is not an issue of optics. We are not shaming anyone about where they are currently.

We are instead encouraging them to recognize this as a medical issue.One that can be solved.

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