Exercise - how I built consistency

Exercise - how I built consistency

Exercise has always been one of those nice-to-haves for me. I would believe I should do it, but more often I find myself in the "not today" category. The excuses were plenty. My trainer did not come. It was raining, I was travelling, I had not slept enough, or I had slept too much. Not surprisingly, exercise was erratic. If asked, I would say that I exercise 4-5 times a week. Human beings are like that. They can say anything and convince themselves that it is true. So it was for me. So how did I build consistency from this state of mind so much so that I have exercised every single day this year?

Building consistency

While I am saying this for exercise, it applies to almost anything you wish to do. Tell yourself you will, but narrow the expectation. Ten push ups is as much exercise as a thousand. Not for your muscles maybe, but for your brain. Your brain muscles are being trained that you exercise regularly. It is a way of life for you, something you do not miss. So that is what I did. On hectic travel days, I would do as much as possible, on days when my schedule was free, I would exercise as much as I could. On average I ended up doing more than I would otherwise and also exercise everyday.

Remove Excuses

I had plenty of excuses ready. My trainer did not show up. The gym did not open. I had not slept well. I was tired. What was the point of exercise anyways? I was not an actor making my ninth Mission Impossible. So I adjusted how much. If I was really tired, I would exercise for ten instead of ninety minutes. But I would. I removed my trainer, quit my gym and brought everything home. I no longer needed shoes, gym clothes, shoes or a specific exercise window. I was free to do what I wanted when I wanted. It worked like a miracle. The equipment was staring at me in my face. You cannot imagine the inertia of simply going down the building to the fancy gym that you might have. I took it all away.


My capacity began to compound with consistency. It was more fun as my capacity improved. Suddenly a 25 km bike ride left me feeling more energetic instead of drained. My capacity was compounding. I was both doing more and feeling better. It was magic.

Exercise is as basic to a human body as breathing. Do what ever it takes, man or woman, but please build exercise into your daily life.