Dexa Scan - when and whether?

Dexa Scan - when and whether?

Experts recommend a Dexa scan for individuals over fifty. A dexa scan, in case you are not aware, allows you to understand the composition of your body and the density of your bones. 

Should you get a Dexa scan, or is there an alternative? 

As we age, our body composition changes. Bones, depending on your lifestyle, will get weaker. Your bones will become thinner. This is a natural progression of aging.

While you can fight it with exercise, especially strength training and nutrition, there will be some natural wear and tear. Experts therefore recommend that you test. Once you do, you will get a score for the density of your bones.

Particularly after menopause, women tend to have weaker bones, so experts recommend a Dexa scan. It tells you just how well or badly you have done. 

But a dexa scan emits radiation. The amounts are small, but radiation is radiation, after all. So do you have a choice? 

To quote from a research study, "Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry (REMS) is a non-ionizing technology that evaluates the bone status at axial skeletal sites by analyzing raw ultrasound signals." 

An expert can detect the quality of your bones by sending radio frequency waves and receiving signals back.

Radio frequencies are generally well tolerated. While it can raise your body temperature, the side effects, if any, are significantly less than radiation. 

There has been an ongoing debate about the effects of EMF, or electro-magnetic fields, from cell phones.

While the jury is still out, the research I have done does not seem to indicate any significant long-term side effects from EMF. 

Therefore, if given the choice, you would probably be better off using a radio frequency test than radiation. 

Bringing me to two important questions. Since we are all at risk, how can I reduce the probability of osteoporosis, and how often should you test? 

The best cure for osteoporosis is strength training. If you train, you might not need to test. If you don't, once a decade is probably enough. 

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