Dead Sea - does it heal?

Dead Sea - does it heal?

Have you ever visited the Dead Sea? Did you know that the sea and its surrounding areas are believed to have magical healing powers?

Are the healing power attributed to the Dead Sea a fabricated story made to attract tourists, or is there some science behind the legend?

Let us start with the facts. The Dead Sea region is characterised by higher-than-average solar radiation. It has low humidity and high atmospheric pressure.

The sea itself, as we all know, has a higher than normal level of salt, which is why we float in the water. The salt in the sea contains magnesium chloride, among other minerals.

So what do all these factors have to do with your good health?

To start, the higher solar radiation means you get exposed to more than normal ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation stimulates vitamin D production when used with proper guidance. Vitamin D, in turn, promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

The salt and magnesium help your muscles relax. Magnesium, along with calcium, helps improve the rhythm of the heartbeat.

In fact, the science is good enough to have a name - dead sea climatography. It is a form of therapy that involves spending up to three weeks in a dead sea area.

The benefits include an improvement in exzema, psoriasis, and even vitiligo.

Not everyone is capable of going to the dead sea for therapy.

So, can you replicate the benefits at home?

I would imagine, as I have not found any research comparing, that the best benefits would accrue if you went.

However, exposing yourself to ultraviolent rays, ensuring you get enough vitamin D, and getting adequate magnesium are possible regardless.

In fact, as long as you are within limits, these are all beneficial for you even if you dont have any ailments. So if you have the time and money, visit the dead sea. If not, at replicate its effect on the human body at home.

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