Covid-19 and cardiac arrests

Covid-19 and cardiac arrests

COVID-19 was a difficult period for the world. We desperately sought a vaccine to prevent the virus from spreading. A vaccine was finally created with great speed. 

But did the vaccine end up creating more trouble?

One of the trends that I have been reading about is a spike in cardiac-related deaths. In the beginning, there were stray cases reported.

A famous athlete suddenly collapsed and died while playing football. Another was walking his dog. Last week, I heard about someone who collapsed and died playing golf in my home city. 

So should you be worried? 

A common cause of cardiac issues is a blood clot. In fact, one of the protocols for having taken a vaccine was for you to test for blood coagulation.

You were asked to take a D-dimer test to check if the vaccine caused clotting. Blood coagulation is the thickening or clumping of your blood.

In this case, the vaccine could cause blood clotting, resulting in an adverse d-dimer test result.

If a blood clot were to develop, it could potentially result in the blockage of the flow of blood, which would result in a cardiac arrest. So blood clots would certainly count as a risk. 

The obvious question then is: how did the vaccine potentially cause blood clots to form?

To keep the science simple to understand, it seems that the vaccine may have caused platelets in your blood to clump together, causing the clot to form.

There are studies, videos, and reports now widely available showing that people who had taken the COVID-19 vaccine and who had otherwise no underlying diseases reported getting clots and possible fatal outcomes.

So what should you do?

To emphasize, I am not a doctor and am certainly not asking you to not take vaccines. I simply do not know enough to be able to do so. 

However, as concerned citizens, we should at all times look at data and evidence to make up our own minds. Here is a complete report you might want to read [see here].

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