Children - how can they get taller?

Children - how can they get taller?

All of us wish to be tall. There's something about taller people that makes height aspirational. Yes, I know Napolean was short and conquered the world. But, with respect, height remains aspirational, regardless of the exploits of the French conqueror. 

So, if you want your ten-year-old to grow taller, what can you do? 

Humans grow taller when their bodies produce a hormone called Insulin-Growth-Factor-1, or IGF-1.

The production peaks at about fifteen for men and women, then declines. So, your best shot at attaining your desired height is until your child is fifteen. 

If you have seen your child gorge on carbohydrates—bread, pasta, and potatoes—there is a good reason.

The carbohydrates make the body release IGF-1. However, in their case, the spike in insulin is used to produce a cascade of pathways that promote growth.

If you have ever wondered why you could eat endless amounts of pasta and bread as a child and not put on weight but can no longer do so, IGF-1 is one explanation.

In the case of your children, let them eat, as long as it is healthy food. 

In addition to carbohydrates, there are other things that promote growth. I have spoken about zinc in the past. Make sure they get enough zinc. 

Sunlight, which promotes the production of vitamin D and helps absorb calcium. Calcium will promote better bone health, which your child will need to grow taller. 

If you have ever wondered whether the myth that playing basketball makes you taller is true, it is. Stretching promotes the production of IGF-1. Of course, there are many ways in which you can stretch. Any one of those will do. 

Finally, one challenge with children is good digestion. Make sure that their gut is healthy and that they are absorbing the food that you are giving them. 

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