Catechin - Why Drink Green Tea

Catechin - Why Drink Green Tea

Green tea has a catechin known as EGCG. Before the scientific words turn you away, cathechins are chemicals that have a powerful effect on your body. In this case, positive.

Cathechin is a polyphenol or chemical found in plants, herbs, and some legumes. A polyphenol is more than one compound that collectively has a beneficial impact on your body.

Before we speak about EGCG, allow me to take a quick divergence. When you listen to people talk about a healthy lifestyle, most people gravitate toward a specific way of doing things.

So, for example, many people are gravitating toward a ketogenic diet. It has wonderful effects on lowering blood sugar, bipolar disorder, and depression.

But one of the drawbacks is that, given that you are eating very little to no carbohydrate, you would avoid fruits and even vegetables.

The other day, I was on a cruise giving a talk to about two hundred entrepreneurs. Someone wished to impress upon me the virtues of a ketogenic diet. I concurred.

But then I reminded her of the many benefits of fruits and vegetables, polyphenols being one such example.

Fruits, vegetables, plants, and herbs have compounds that have not been properly understood. We have isolated a few and looked at their impact.

Curcumin is one popular name that comes to mind. But even within turmeric, curcumin is only one compound. It has hundreds of others we do not know about.

Similarly, we do not know about the impact that these compounds have when consumed collectively.

So when in doubt, have the whole plant. Have as much variety as you can. As long as you are in balance, you will get the same benefits, barring a few specific disorders, like bipolar disorder, perhaps.

Cathechin has been shown to be effective against the COVID-19 virus. It acts as an antiviral by blocking 3CL protease, an enzyme required for the replication of the Corona virus.

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