Age - when is it too late?

Age - when is it too late?

On a flight yesterday, elderly people were my companions. They were struggling to get on the flight, struggled on the flight, and then struggled while getting off. Which led me to ask, when is it too late to repair the body?

You know that I am an unabashed optimist. I believe in the power of the human body to repair itself. At any point in time.

But is there a cliff after which even the job of repair becomes impossible? What signs or indications should you be looking for?

Obviously, the first would be physical movement. Not being able to sit up, stand, sit down, or move. Physical mobility is one of those things we take for granted, unless we no longer can.

Funnily enough, it is not your physical capacity that diminishes, but your neural capacity. The ability to control your muscles.

Muscles and bones, from what I have seen, can be built regardless of age. Sure, you may not get six packs, but that is not a real goal anyway.

The second would be cognitive capacity. The ability to remember, comprehend, and communicate. We are largely dealing with neural capacity.

The ability to understand a new concept, remember it, and then use it in conversation. We are still far away from being able to solve these problems.

We speak of supplementing with COQ10 to improve memory, playing games that test memory or analytical ability, and medicating ourselves. There is no definitive answer yet. So preventing signs of comprehension, speech, or memory loss is critical.

You would have imagined that a disease or eyesight would be at the top of the list. Medical science has done a wonderful job with eyesight. From eyeglasses to surgery, we are able to extend our quality of life considerably.

Obviously, no one wants to get a disease. But we suffer from lifestyle diseases in modern society. If you are willing, you could considerably extend the quality of your life and reverse most lifestyle diseases.

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