The Amazing Health Transformation

September 21, 2022

The Amazing Health Transformation. If this were the title of a book, it would be a work of fiction for millions of people out there. Good health seems so much like a one way street. We progressively get older. As we do, our health deteriorates to a point of no recovery. But as I discovered, it does not need to be that way. Permit me to speak about a book I have written that tells you how! The Amazing Health Transformation [link here]!
What I discovered was simple. The human body renews. All the time. At a pace that is both ferocious and astonishing. In simple terms, every few months, there is a new you. So if everything is new, why are we then sick? Why is our health is deteriorating? It boils down to the way we look after our health.
When our body produces new cells, it replicates our genes to do so. Given that there are 38 trillion cells, all which need renewal, there is a lot of work going on all the time. The errors are minor. It is when the rate of error goes up, that we begin to fall sick.
Errors go up when we do not eat the things that nourish our body. Errors go up when we do not get adequate sleep. Errors go up when we do not exercise or when we fill our body with toxins. Errors go up when we live in a state of chronic stress.
So what ever your circumstances, your goal is to create a lifestyle that prevents the rate of errors. The lifestyle you curate does not need to fit into someone else’s idea of good and bad or right and wrong. It has to work for you. It is your own personal religion. All that matters is that the lifestyle you curated was science backed. I try to explain the science in as simple a way as I can. I have poured everything I know into the book. Please do buy and read, it could change your life.

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