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Our Proprietary Health Program

Trusted by 5000+ Health Enthusiasts Worldwide. Since 2015.

Personalised for you, Amrit is rooted in the best of modern and ancient science. It is the result of years of medical research, deep analysis, conversations with global experts and clients. We have successfully treated over 5000 clients from 20 countries. Amrit is a holistic approach to the human body using the foundations of nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress release, and detoxification to heal. We scour the globe to find and embed the best practices to help optimise your health. Our team curates healthy, delicious, balanced, nutritionally recipes; food that you would actually look forward to eating. 

Through Amrit we have helped our clients lose up to 40 kgs/88 lbs of weight AND also helped them reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Acidity, Gastritis, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, SIBO, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Low Immunity.

Transformation plans work when we build a program suitable to your lifestyle, whether you are travelling, eating out, entertaining or eating at home. In our program, you craft your religion, we just anchor it back to science.


Have Transformed Over 5000+ Lives


Amrit is deeply rooted in science. By using the latest research and evidence based scientific approaches, it successfully addresses lifestyle diseases. Using peer reviewed scientific literature, and practical experience our protocol addresses the root causes of lifestyle diseases and reverses them.


Our team spends countless hours researching scientific literature and top insights to keep honing our understanding of the human body. We derive valuable insights from Ivy League labs as also from brilliant scientists at small labs. We constantly evolve our approach while keeping our basic principles intact.


Food should look appetising, taste delicious, and be a treat for your taste buds. We carefully craft our cuisine and recipes with your taste in mind. Over 90% of our clients love our food, and say it is “delicious, mouth-watering, and a treat.” We want you to feel delighted after every meal and not feel deprived of tasty food. 


We spent years researching the pros and cons of over 20 popular global protocols. We found many missing links in existing protocols. So, we went the extra mile to design a protocol that works well in the real world, is practical, sustainable and easy to follow. We kept fine-tuning till we reached the optimal protocol.


The human body works collectively as a whole and not in parts. Therefore any approach that seeks to address a medical ailment needs to understand the collective impact on your body. Amrit uses a deep understanding of the root causes of medical issues and the optimal methods to solve them to prevent their derivative effects.


Our food plans are balanced and ensure that our clients get all the necessary macro and micro nutrients. We place a lot of emphasis on foods that contain nutrients that help our body fight several ailments. These nutrients range from vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, carbohydrates to water. We also balance macro and micro nutrients.


WE CARE. We truly care about our clients’ well-being, their health, feelings and emotions. We know that dealing with medical issues can be emotionally taxing. We have personally walked this journey. So, we are available to provide the support required to make things as comfortable as possible for you.


We personalise our program based on each clients’ unique body type, demographics, lifestyle, and preexisting conditions. We understand your body’s nutritional needs, state of health, habits, and more. After that, we create a customised healing program to get you started on your health transformation journey.




Personalised Nutrition Guidance


Reverse Lifestyle Diseases


Personalised Wellness Methods


Reduce Weight


Optimise Health


Holistic, Whole Food Based


No Medicines


Customised for your lifestyle


Increase Confidence


Live a Happier Life

Transformation Plan

4 Months

Rs 70,000

+ You will personally consult with Ritesh Bawri

+ Plan made sustainable for you from the start

+ Deep diagnostics of your core health issues

+ Inspire & motivate you, so you are successful

+ You are treated with empathy & compassion

+ Changes to plan if needed to ensure success

+ Treatment protocol is personalised for you

+ Balanced nutrition with all vital nutrients

+ Meal plans customised specifically for you

+ Deep research done every step of the way

+ Easy to make the suggested food

+ Delicious & tasty food recipes

+ New meal plan every 2 weeks

+ Review Progress Constantly

+ No medications are used

+ Whats App & Phone support

come on in, it’s your turn to

Reverse Lifestyle Diseases & Lose Weight