Edamame – should you eat imported foods?

November 19, 2022

Edamame may be something that you have eaten at a restaurant. Did you know that this little green soybean has a whole host of amazing health benefits? Edamame is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. It is believed to reduce the risk of everything from cancer to heart disease.
I was first introduced to salted edamame as a snack. I was on invite to a friends house for dinner. His wife and he had gone to extraordinary lengths to make me feel at home in a Japanese home. Soy, forms a part of many cuisines in Asia.
One of the most common questions I get is if we should only eat local. Isn’t it terrible for global warming to be transporting things around the world? My personal opinion is that taking a unidimensional view is not ideal. Sure transporting food from Japan is unwise. But by that argument taking a holiday in Japan instead of Digha (beach near Kolkata), is unwise. If we needed to make a trade on our actions impacting global warming, I would choose the food and forgo the holiday.
Edamame is an excellent source of protein. One cup of edamame contains around 17 grams of protein – that’s more than most types of meat! Not that it matters, but edamame is a complete protein. It has all the essential amino acids. If you vegetarian or even vegan, it is an excellent way to get the protein you need.
It contains high levels of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folate, magnesium, and zinc. These help you maintain your immunity, keep your bones strong, and reduce inflammation. Antioxidants contained within protect you from free radicals. It is low in calories and filling because of the fibre. Only note of caution? Overconsumption of soy can result in elevated oestrogen. But by overconsumption I mean eating it everyday.

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