Capillaries – the density affects your health

February 27, 2023

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in the human body. They are responsible for the exchange of oxygen, nutrients, and waste products. The exchange occurs between the bloodstream and tissues. Capillaries play a crucial role in maintaining healthy bodily function. As a result they are present in every organ and tissue of the body. Do you know how dense your capillaries are? The density of capillaries varies between tissues. The density affects the quality of your health. Let us find out how.
Organs such as the brain, heart, and muscles need more oxygen. You will see density of capillaries. This ensures that these tissues receive a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients. Some tissues such as bone and cartilage, have a lower capillary density.
The density itself is affected by a range of factors. These include age, physical activity, and disease. Ageing causes the density of our capillaries to decrease. Decreases will cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders. If you have Type II Diabetes, high glucose, or high blood pressure, it will impair the flow of blood. You will see a fall in the density of these blood vessels in your kidneys or eyes. You will see a similar effect in your muscles and bones.
It is not physical alone. Mentally also, your body is affected. Studies have shown that a lowering of capillary density can cause depression. The prefrontal cortex, involved in decision making and emotional regulation suffers. So what can you do?
The best solution is physical and mental activity. Physical activity such as running, swimming, yoga, weight training all result in an increase in capillary density. Depending on your current fitness level, you should try and get at least five to six days of activity. Mix up the activity so that you get heart, lung, muscle and bone training. Remaining occupied with things that tax your brain also helps. Especially anything that is straining you to think, imagine or create. By the way, in case you are interested you can test for density of your capillaries using a microscope. 

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