Calm – when I lost mine

March 14, 2023

Calm is easily one of the best virtues a person can have. You might be intelligent, hard-working, rich or resourceful. But not being calm can alter the state you are in, regardless of other attributes. I write, about a time when I lost mine.

Visiting a Government office is never fun. With two kids in two, getting a passport done/renewed would be an ordeal for most. It started badly as they insisted on each person going through the same process separately. Essentially you would need to do the same things thrice. We protested, wouldn’t it be easier to take all of us? No avail. I will spare you the boring details.

Three hours later, a hungry, cranky four-year-old confronted a camera. She would not sit still. Our papers were returned. We were ordered home. Come back when your child is in a better mood. I get power. I get the joy that might come from using it. I don’t get apathy for a child. I lost my calm. Now, remember this is the same person who claimed he could meditate for forty minutes with an ant crawling all over him. Perhaps there is something about a child. Perhaps, it was the absolute lack of concern about another human being. We were not asking for anything special. Not special treatment, no seperate line. Just to be treated like human beings.

But on and on the circus went. After we went through two kids, my turn came. Now it was too late. The day was over. I would need to take another appointment and come again. My patience was on test. I smiled. I apologized to my kids for having yelled so many times. I was polite and asked for help. Quickly I was shown to a desk where my application could be processed. Minor hiccups later, I was done. So what did I learn? The same lessons I have been sharing. People will be people. Life will be life. The greatest mastery is the mastery over yourself. I failed, but I learnt. Tomorrow is another day.

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