Precision Nutrition – Is there such a thing?

September 15, 2022

When you think of precision nutrition, do you think about genes? Do you wonder if your food choices will affect your metabolism and health? Is there anything that can predict whether a diet change will be beneficial for someone’s health? If so, what are the chances that it will work for me?

Our circumstances are not the same. Perhaps your parents are athletic. Mine are cerebral. Yours have an excellent gene pool. Mine escaped from a war torn area and were malnourished when I was born. Surely, all of this would have an impact on the way my body reacts to food, exercise and even sleep? We even see it around us. We see some people naturally gifted. They can do things that seem impossible to us. So where does precision nutrition fit in?

Let me get the macro picture out of the way first. We are physical beings. Chemicals interact within us in a certain way to allow us to live. That means that the broad strokes of what we need will always remain the same. Quality food, regular exercise and sleep, for example. That is my polite way of saying genes matter but not nearly enough.

Precision nutrition then, simply means looking at the deviations in your circumstances from the normal. Perhaps you get more allergies than I do. Perhaps you injured your knee, while I haven’t. Perhaps you are more active than I am. All of these will impact your body and its health.

One classic way in which things change in a personalised way is your gut health. Bacteria can be born and die within minutes. So in twenty-four hours, you can have a gut that is very different from yesterday. Bacteria in our guts have a major impact on our metabolism and health.They can even affect how we react to the next meal or walk.

This is where precision nutrition comes in. Determining how much or how often you should eat something. Determining how you should get that into your diet and yet stay true to your culture and habit. It is part science and part art.

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